Euphoric Nation

2010-12-19 11:49:17 by Envisage123

Hello! I am Casiano from Euphoric Nation,

Euphoric Nation consists of myself and 3 other people that like to share our love of trance with everybody else. We are on Facebook, myspace, Let's Mix!, and even iTunes! We have also made our ownt tracks!

We have a website, a facebook,, and a twitter, You can find our iTunes podcast link, myspace link, twitter link, and Let's Mix! link on our facebook page! We even have a forums at where you can post music you made to be featured on our weekly podcasts! We average 200 downloads a podcast and are hoping to make it big some day! Please support us on facebook and check us out at our website! If you have any questions you can email me at



I have a new preview for a song that is coming out soon!

2010-02-20 15:38:04 by Envisage123


A preview of what is to come later this week/month. I hope you all enjoy what I have done so far! If you have any suggestions leave a review!


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I'm still alive! I'm working on a big trance song so hopefully you guys will like it! I'm just keeping you posted. Sorry for the long wait! The song is almost done!

New song!!

2009-03-20 18:39:30 by Envisage123

Have a new song called Save Our Love...check it out as soon as you can. /222887

Whats up?

2009-02-24 19:05:10 by Envisage123

Just wanted to say hi! Hope you guys enjoy my music! There is more to come, and I'm always open to suggestions! Cya around!